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Dawna Flowers

Dawna's Bulk Bookshop

(and cats)

For Teachers, Librarians, Churches, Booksellers,  & Fundraisers

        Dawna offers a whole slew of incredible bargains below, in the Bulk Bookshop!  These amazing deals are perfect for teachers, librarians, churches, large families, booksellers, and fundraisers!  If you don't see a package that fits your needs, Dawna's got you covered!

       As an advocate for education and literacy, Dawna maintains the lowest prices possible for teachers and parent-teachers.  She ALSO offers 35% off the retail value of ANY ten books, or 40% off the retail value of ANY twenty books. This is a website-exclusive offer from Dawna, and isn't available anywhere else. This great deal is perfect for educators, churches, libraries, parents, bookstores. This offer includes ANY combination of ten or more books. So, if you don't see a package that fits your needs in the shop below, simply email her your requests, and she'll be happy to help get you fixed up!

          In addition to stocking your classroom or library, you can use these great books in your next favorite fundraiser, too! The super-low prices offered to teachers and educators make fundraising simple and easy. Everyone loves books! Browse through the incredible offers found below, and find the perfect package for your family, school, and church. 

NOTE: The books offered in the Bulk Bookshop, below, cannot be combined with Amazon or Kindle orders placed throughout the rest of the website. These great bulk deals below are straight from Dawna's book nook, and bulk prices aren't available on Amazon.  For a single book, or just a few books, fans may use the following links, also found in the menu above.  (Fiction | Childrens | Non-Fiction)         

Printable PDF bulk price list of children's titles, for Teachers, Families, Churches, & Fundraisers

Printable PDF, Bulk price list of ALL titles, for Booksellers & Shops

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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