Dawna Flowers

Dawna's Other Doings

Dawna is known by several names, depending on how you know her. Her children and grandchildren know her as, Big Mammy. If you play Amtgard in Texas or Louisanna, you might know her as Dawn Nefer Aten. If you’re a fan of eclectic religions, you’ll know she writes non-fiction under, Dawn Flowers. She’s half-deaf though, so it doesn’t matter what you call her. She won’t answer unless you tap her on the shoulder. That aside, those who know her, know that she never gets bored. When she’s not writing, she spends her days under the pines of East Texas with her family and pets, enjoying her other hobbies. Browse the photos below to see her jewelry, paintings, dolls, leaved light filters, her family, and her pets. 

Ancient Egyptian Inspired
Art & Jewelry

Dawna has a strong interest in ancient cultures, particularly Ancient Egypt, and she loves tinkering with beadwork and replica renditions.  She created her very first necklace and painting while competing in an Arts & Sciences competition within Amtgard, a live-action role-play group, almost twenty years ago.  She credits her participation within Amtgard as the catalyst for both her beadwork and her paintings.  Pictured below are her favorite Egyptian themed pieces, though she’s produced hundreds of collar necklaces for adults, children, and even cats.  Please note that none of the items presented below are for sale, however Dawna anticipates a republishing of her book, How to Make Your Own Egyptian Jewelry, in the coming months.

The Nile, Ancient Egyptian inspired, mock papyrus, acrylic painting, by Dawna Flowers
Ramses the Great, Ancient Egyptian inspired, mock papyrus, acrylic chariot painting
Bird Hunting, Ancient Egyptian inspired, mock papyrus, acrylic painting, by Dawna Flowers
Egyptan Beadwork, Collar Necklace with Scarab, by Dawna Flowers.
Ancient Egyptian inspired costume jewelry. Scarab collar necklace, cosplay garb by Dawna Flowers. Turquoise Bead Bone Beadwork.
Ancient Egyptian inspired, painted bronze, Nefertiti Bust statue.

Folk Art Paintings

Pictured below are a few of Dawna’s paintings. She’s used several of them as cover art for previous book projects. Please note, none of the paintings are for sale, though prints may be made available in the future for a select few.

Paintng by Dawna Flowers, Big Woods, Cover for DEEP IN THE FOREST
Blackback, Painting by Dawna Flowers, Folk Rendition of Van Gogh
Painting by Dawna Flowers, If Van Gogh Went to Mexico.
Painting by Dawna Flowers, Peachback
Painting by Dawna Flowers, Black Vase
Painting by Dawna Flowers, Little Red Vine
Painting by Dawna Flowers, Politics in Bloom
Painting by Dawna Flowers, Folk Rendition of Van Gogh Sunflowers
Painting by Dawna Flowers, Clear Vase
Painting by Dawna Flowers, Charlie Brown Vase
Painting by Dawna Flowers, Van Gogh Goes to Egypt, on mock papyrus paper.
Painting by Dawna Flowers, Flesh Vase of Small Pox in Bloom
Painting by Dawna Flowers, Flesh Vase of Ecoli in Bloom
Green Vase, Painting by Dawna Flowers, Folk Rendition of Van Gogh

Leaved Light Filters

Below are a few examples of Dawna’s leaved light filters. She’s made many different pieces, including over a dozen tiny lanterns.  She layers leaves between strips of masking tape to create sheets that provide decorative soft lighting or privacy.

Paranormal Research

Dawna is active in two groups that study paranormal activity in the East Texas area: Lufkin Paranormal Investigators and East Texas Paranormal Research Group. Each group focuses on different aspects of paranormal research. 

Lufkin Paranormal Investigators



Lufkin Paranormal Investigators conduct research and perform investigations in and around the Lufkin area including  Diboll, Hudson, Apple Springs, Burke, Redland, Zavalla, Broadus, Seven Oaks, Woodville, Livingston, and others in  Angelina, Nacogdoches, Polk, Trinity, San Augustine, Houston, Cherokee, and Tyler Counties. Hughes and fellow researchers, Tim Smith and Dawna Flowers, have travelled extensively throughout the East Texas area, conducting research and helping families cope, and in many cases, eliminate their hauntings and paranormal activity.

East Texas Historical & Paranormal Research 

While LPI concentrates its group efforts toward home and business investigations, ETLPR concentrates its efforts toward gathering written accounts of sightings, legends, folk lore, family histories, and local tales.  East Texas Legends & Paranormal Research is operated by sisters, Shawna Bowman and Dawna Flowers. If you have an interesting story, legend, folk tale, or if you've had a creepy encounter, write up your story, and send it to Dawna.  If your notes are relevant, your submission might be published in a future book project, aimed at preserving local legends and lore.



Dawna's Dolls

Below are a few of Dawna’s dolls. These were the result of a refurbishing project she began to create a few unique Halloween decorations for her family. The project lasted beyond Halloween, and when she ran out of dolls to repaint and refurbish, she started making doll masks.  I know….creepy.  She crafted and crafted, until she couldn’t craft anymore. Then, she started crafting miniature accessories. She handmade each of their outfits, their jewelry, eye glasses, miniature books, and even tiny lamps for them to read by. Dawna’s dolls are avid readers, you see.  They formed a book club, too.  It’s a scary book club, and they read the most frightening books!  Please note, these dolls are not for sale. Each has a special meaning to her, and she refuses to part with them.  Several of the dolls were created out of her deep-rooted love of television and cinema horror, and they serve as homage pieces to a couple of her favorites. 

Her love for “Twilight Zone” served as the inspiration for the first doll mask she created, which was modeled after the nurse character in the episode titled, “Eye of the Beholder.”  

The second mask she created sprung from Dawna’s infinite adoration for the movie, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, starring, Nathan Baesel, an incredible actor and all-around great guy. For her little Leslie doll, she used real human hair when crafting the mask. She handmade his clothes and lovingly sculpted his two pet turtles.  

The Day of the Dead doll’s mask was created with great reverence for the Mexican holiday, Dias de Muertos. The Krampus mask, modeled after Dawna’s favorite European folk character, was the most challenging of the four.  

And, then there's baby Pennywise, inspired by Stephen King's IT. With clothes made from her dead grandmother's undergarments, this creepy little joker is her family's version of Elf on the Shelf from Halloween 'till Christmas.

Voodoo Momma, white cape, lace dress, occult doll
Crone and Crow Photo by Dawna Flowers, Creepy Occult Doll Series
Miss Halloween, Baby Pennywise, Scary Book Club
Nurse Doll inspired by Twilight Zone, Eye of the Beholder, 1960.
Green Woman, Halloween Doll
Day of the Dead Doll, Día de Muertos, Skulls
Little Leslie Doll, Inspired by the movie, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, 2006, starring the awesome Nathan Baesel.
Baby Pennywise and Miniature red balloon.
Crone Doll
Krampus Doll
Creepy Halloween doll, mini book
Plebeians Self-Help Series, How to Survive the Plague: 101 Home Remedies, The Earth is Round: A Guide to Understanding Conspiracies, Help! My Neighbor is a Witch: How to Build a Pyre, How to Cope with the Lepers in your Life: Five Easy Strategies
Miniature plague mask
leaved light filter lamp lantern
Miss Halloween and Baby Pennywise read IT.
Baby Pennywise on the Piano, Inspired by King's IT.


Pretty Boy, Polydactyl, white cat


Pictured below is Dawna with her two youngest children and her two grandchildren.

Nature Shots

Dawna adores the outdoors and enjoys capturing nature shots while soaking in the sunshine. She’s used several of her photos as cover art for her books.  Pictured below are a few of her recent favorites.

Dawna's Delights

And she cooks, too! Pictured below are a few of her family’s favorites.  She has future plans for a family cookbook for her children which will include all of their beloved recipes, including several of the cakes found below.