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Dawna Flowers


Diboll & Friends


Do you know, Dawna?  I mean, really know her? Have you ever seen her without make-up on, while she was gettin' her tire fixed at the feed-store? Yeah? She looks great, even without make-up on, don't she?! Anyway, if you're interested in purchasing bulk children's books, and you're from Diboll, Texas, or if you're friends with her (online or otherwise) then she has a special PDF for you. 

Dawna sells her books on every continent, in damn-near every country. She sells them suckers ALL over the place. Dawna LOVES selling books. Except, to her friends. In fact, she hates selling books to her friends. She doesn't want your money. She wants OTHER people's money. And, since Dawna has a lot of friends, she created a PDF to distribute to those interested in purchasing her books.  The rates presented apply to any and all schools, churches, civic, charity groups, and non-profit businesses in Diboll, Burke, and Beulah, Texas. Dawna doesn't want your money. So, if you want books, she'll offer them to you at her base cost. Meaning, she doesn't make a dime from your purchase, and you get books cheaper than anyone else in the world. THE WHOLE WORLD!!


You might ask, “But, Dawna, won’t you lose SO much money doing that? That hoodie you wear has holes in it, and you could upgrade those flip-flops…”


I LIKE my old hoodie, and flips-flops are the footwear of my people. My fridge is well stocked. I’m good.  A better question to ask yourself is why you’re being greedy on my behalf, and trying to rob rural children out of free or economical reading material? What’s wrong with you? Skit on outta here!!  

Dawna reserves the right to refute this offer, for whatever reason. If you've ever run over any of her cats, I wouldn't ask her about the discounts. If you've ever shot her the bird on Old Diboll Highway, I wouldn't ask her about the discounts. 

Now that we've got all the particulars out of the way...

If you'd like to purchase books, and you feel you qualify for these special Friend of Dawna rates, pick your books out and shoot her a line using the links below.

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