Dawna Flowers


Tiny Goth Garden

(WARNING: Graphic photos and accompanying poem may be disturbing to…people who like Fairies.)


Welcome, to the Tiny Goth Garden.

The Fairies are gone, and the new creatures seem...hardened.


It appears there’s been a revolution of sorts.
Instead of the flutter of wings, all I hear are snorts.


The houses are black and grey now, with not a Fairy around.
I fear the sloth and troll may have them bound.


There’s something not right about those black hatted gnomes.
And, the goth donkeys appear suspiciously at home.


When the sun goes down, their little lanterns glow.
They romp through the succulents, especially the aloe.


But, don’t be afraid kids. The Goths don’t bite.
They’re absolutely harmless...unless you’re a Sprite.