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Peculiar Packages

Peculiar Packages
Mysterious Horrors Collection
Individual Packages

Though geared for older children and young adults, this collection is delightfully fun for regular adults, too, (even really old people). Each package takes readers on a fun romp through the woods of Pine Veil as local legends, folk tales, and creepy horror stories unfold. Each of the eight packages within this collection contain an elegantly presented personalized letter to the recipient, a book with an unnerving tale, and strange historical documents pertaining to the odd occurrences within the books. Each package also includes useful tools or unique art that either go along with the story or will prove useful during your own romp through the woods. The books in this package were written by Amazon bestselling author, Dawna Flowers, and the included artwork is provided by the hottest Southern Outsider artist since Kahlo, Shawna Bowman.

Books Included 
The Crazy ‘Coon Lady
Story of Krampus
The Bat House Bag
Along Came Cthulhu
Wolves of Woodsmen County
Helpful Hank
Bigfoot of the Big Woods
Sally Scratch & the Squirrel

The Mysterious Horrors Collection BUNDLE 8 Packages

$299.95 Regular Price
$249.95Sale Price
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